Tonguing madness to keep our sanity

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The Hunger Games isn’t really the future. It’s today. The masses suffer while the few live in preposterous affluence. The Capitol of Panem has more than enough to spare, as do the mega celebs of our days. We have hungry and homeless and all around the world people live in sub-human conditions. This is a story about greed and about turning a blind eye.

Jenny Block (via azspot)

(via azspot)

Leave him with a feather

When a feather drifts down upon a broken land

And a broken man takes it in his hand

Does he realize then, that that’s all he has?

So then as blood drips down from his window sill

There’s nothing to fill his cups, nothing to thrill

End of the line? Sprinkle another one on the table top

Lost, staring through glass bars and plastic straws

But of course, there’s no end to this kind of war

So he draws fantasies and concealed realities

Constructs tales of failed journeys

Just to feel sane for a moment


And you awake in the rags of the defeated

After you’ve mislead yourself into denial

When you walk with elegance

Yet smoke your cigarette

Like a whore


So move your feet along the shore

Hoping to find something, but you’re not sure

What it is you’re looking for

And he calls you in the lies that he preaches

And you go, even though you know it’s all for show

But lay down your broken keys

And close doors that only make you bleed

There you might find some savior

Not one that he can guarantee


But these lights won’t stop filling your eyes

As he strums his broken mandolin

And you listen to words he’s never spoken

It sounds like an organ of a thousand pipes

And the floor starts to shake

So you leave behind mistakes

Which never were yours to blame

This is not your place, nor your face

But he calls you with all of his grace


It’s never easy, who ever said it was?

But in the cracks of dawn that fly above this city

What is there left to love?

It’s time to leave, time to stop making yourself believe

That the world is alive in the middle of your sleeve

Leave him with a feather darling, he’ll be just fine

And walk, I hope you know what to find

The Heart Beating Gallows

Down the darkest of shadows
And the weekly mourned battles
Through the depths of the shallows
The heart beating gallows
I’ve seen your face before there
How does it come to be
That this instinct can be ever so free
Maybe it’s the light in the dark
But the candles not lit, there’s not even a spark
In confusions and withheld saviors
Is where the answer lies for the braver
But with a solemn sister that never came hither
I’m still waiting for that day
Now the scent’s in the air, this savoring glare
A hollow of coffins and empty bottles
Yet a wavering hair so faint and fair
Can blind even the clearest of sight
I was told that the fight was there
In the lightning strikes that the oceans bear
Leave your last juxtaposed confessions
And meet me there, yes meet me there
Will it be the last standing soldier
Or the demented torn and broken lover
That will stand amongst the dust
No hurry, no rush, but listen and hush
As we must prepare for the wind gusts
I hope they’ll blow away these lonesome days
And take us to a place of solace and grace
Hope is a hard thing to come by
So if you have it grasp it and never let go
When the beaten and dead lie on the fields
It’ll be the day when everything is real
So don’t fade just yet, just keep saying hello
Walk through the rain into the cave
Where the silence just bellows and bellows
And below you will find, your long lost mind
Or at least what’s left, I can’t make guarantees tonight
I just hope that you’ll get there before I die
Never sincere, so come my dear
Let’s fall in the river so we need not fear
Maybe the things that we learn
Are nothing but lies and mislead tales
So turn your head to the creatures of fables
They will lead you to what you desire
Now the streets lie in rubble
And the concrete towers are starting to crumble
The lights are replaced by flames
I think, we’re finally ready to see another day
Now lay your rose and walk to the heart beating gallows
You’ll find your sailor there, my dear
Now tell me that I wasn’t sincere

Something Better (Elders)

When you walk in the morning

Does it come to be alive?

When you’ve taken your last dive

In the deep reckless halls of your mind


And as you run along the high streets

Watching the money float away

When you can’t stand to see

Another day

And the elders of old

Have been making it known

That you’re not ready

No you’re not ready at all


So what is there to do then?

Is it so simple yet so difficult at best

Why do we love what we hate?

And hate what we love

Just to feel something that’s not for us


Have you seen the blue sky?

I know this city can seem desolate and dry

But look in between the clouds that shine

And I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for

Or maybe I maybe wrong

Sometimes it’s just the tuning of the lost

And the haring distant night set that’s bestowed

Upon the world

When roses spout out of sewers and cracks

But there’s not enough time for you to look back

As this bottle takes you and your fake

Desires, to a place not far from home

But that’s not where you want to go


So in the wakes of the elder tales

And the misconstrued summoning of betrayal

I can see you there with a muse and a flare

So battered and beaten you dare not stare


And in the hopes of the lesser

I’ll follow the wind

With a sail and whip

To find something better

Walk With Me

Come and walk with me

Along these twisted roads of shattered beliefs

Where the weak are left for dead

And the powerless have nothing left

To walk through life on fine lines

To look into the eyes of a siren

When she sings her last cry

When you’re carried to worlds world’s edge

And never let go of your last breath

But who can break a broken heart

Besides a broken heart           

A feeling inside that tears us apart

And we run away until our soul fades

But it’s in my blood and in my bones

So we’ll burn out like the brightest of stars

Alone and lost in the dark

Cold and wasted from the start

But if we just sit here in regret

The silence will be at it’s (its) best

No we shall never rest

In the hearts of the beaten and mislead

I’ll be there with nothing but love

So tales of fallen angels

With broken wings and forgotten fables

Counting all the things that I’ve learned

Yet that solemn whisper that I hear

Is getting nearer and nearer

Saying, “Forever, Forever”

If only the moments would last

If only you could grasp the past

And never let go but everything fades fast

But we can’t change the things time casts

For I am just a broken man

With nothing but ash and broken glass

Stripped bare to the bone and left in the cold

Whispering, at last, at last

Will I breath just to grow old

Or will I burn out my soul before

We’re all battered and torn

Barren with nothing to morn

It’s this wind against my face

That throws me back to this beautifully tragic place

We can’t stop running away

I can’t stop running against the day

I’m shackled and tied to my own lies

Just as we can’t escape our lives

Help me along these thin lines

And search your heart to see what you find

Feel it beating in our eyes

Give me what you get

Because I have nothing left except regrets

I’m sown to the songs of the deaf

And the voices of the one’s left for dead

We’ll hold in our last breath

And save our tears for the end

When we never have to run again

Generations of the third world <3Taken just outside of Arusha, Tanzania 

Generations of the third world <3

Taken just outside of Arusha, Tanzania 

Oh how can we find

The right kind of peace of mind

Content or empty without intent

The difference is but a white line at best

Or a white lie that holds no regret

So these tainted songs of the undead

Will forever be in my head


We’re tainted and scared when we’re born

Grown, now shattered into a million pieces or more

But I don’t want to find the lost pieces of my own

I don’t know about you, but that’s yours to call after all


Maybe these shadows will fade

And this bottle won’t look so vague

I’m not placing bets, though I wish I could say

That everything will be ok

Now I lay in dust and bags

Where my memories start to decay

But if I stay here and simply play

I’ll be damned if I wither away


So hand me over to the sounds of the ocean

And the turning of the wheels in motion

I’ve been stripped bare from emotion

And there’s nothing left for me here

There’s nothing left for me here

My good sir, you are so uneducated, you could be prime minister.

Can’t get enough of this girl <3

With a Whisper

As I stare into the road of the forgotten

And read the tales of old

Then I found you there

My long lost friend

Oh how you have grown


So with a whisper I’ll wither away

Only after our judgment day

A liar and a hater

The soothsaying lover

The one that lead the march


Where there’s a will there’s a way

But there’s nothing here no not today

Then the youth that are smothered

And the tears of their mothers

Shall be lost to the deep

Where fallen angels lay forever asleep

Their bones now the sand on paradise’s beach

But I’d rather burn than be found there


Is tomorrow within our reach?

Are the powers ever besieged?

Do the long lost lovers

Become the fathers and mothers

To the ones  that stand on the street

With hopes of freedom grasped in their dreams

While flames and rain fall at their feet


And so with a whisper I’ll wither away

Only after our judgment day

A liar and a hater

The soothsaying lover

The one that lead the march


As the sky starts to turn to stars

When they’ve taken our last remarks

Our chants will ignite the spark

Our hearts will burn along with this world

The hounds may bark, and the guns will blast

But nothing no nothing will stop this at last


So with a whisper I’ll wither away

Only after our judgment day

A liar and a hater

The soothsaying lover

The one that lead the march


And so with a whisper I’ll wither away

Only after our judgment day

A liar and a hater

The soothsaying lover

The one that lead the march

So with a whisper I’ll wither away
With a whisper I’ll wither away

At least someone cares &lt;3

At least someone cares <3

Days feel like weeks, but weeks feel like hours

The Knot

As you were standing there

Without a care

I couldn’t help but stop and stare

An artist with nothing but a brush and a sheet

Her paints are the words she speaks on the street

And her pain is engraved on the sidewalk she sleeps on

The relief can be seen when she pulls up her sleeve

She ties the knot with all elegance and grace

There’s nothing quite like that look on her face

She’s running through life but she’s losing the race

As guys leave their mark before she washes her face

She has nothing but cigarette butts and a coat

Left alone, and no one cares at all


So she walks through the city with fire in her eyes

A siren that sings, a master of disguise

Sparks in her veins but she’s losing her mind

She doesn’t have the time so she doesn’t see why she should try


And she walks to the corner to buy her fix

That came from the jungles of the poor and the hungry

Paid for and sold to satisfy the junkies

But she didn’t care


So she walks through the city with fire in her eyes

A siren that sings, a master of disguise

Sparks in her veins but she’s losing her mind

She doesn’t have the time so she doesn’t see why she should try


She just needed to feel anything

And she flutters her eyes

As she unties the cord

She gasps and she screams

With a smile that seemed like she realized

She’d feel alive when she finally died.

She’d feel alive when she finally died